When will CMS catch up with SEO?

By Scott Orth

Interesting that the entire first page of Google results for SEO Friendly CMS returns blogs and forums, filled with folks trying to figure out what solution they should use for their business or their clients. See the SERP here.

The consensus seems to be that there isn’t really a CMS out there which was actually built with SEO in mind.  It appears that some can handle certain aspects like titles and Meta tags, but the overall vote is that you need to build your own CMS to be fully SEO friendly.

Similar to what is found on David Naylor’s blog, a majority of forum and blog contributors seem to agree that WordPress is the best SEO CMS option available.  One problem… WordPress is not a CMS!  Don’t get me wrong, WordPress is a great tool… for blogging!  I may smack in a loose nail with the butt of a flashlight, or screwdriver, if a hammer isn’t readily available – But if I were building a house, I’m pretty sure I’d invest the $20 for a hammer.  You need the right tool for the job.  For businesses, WordPress is not the right tool for managing a website.

Unfortunately, too many SEO’s are just SEO’s – and that’s it.  They didn’t come from a marketing or business background.  Many didn’t even come from a technical background.  They simply found themselves doing SEO and created a career out of it.  That’s perfectly fine – But without a cursory understanding of business, they still hold to the ‘do whatever it takes’ method of band-aiding tasks and processes and using tools and methods that were not created for sustained efficacy.

But really, what were these SEO’s to do?  Nothing existed that would do what they need it to do.  No commercially available CMS, free or paid, gave them the flexibility required to effectively optimize a website for organic search, while still giving a business the ability to work in a non-rigid web environment.   No CMS gave full HTML access, complete design control, total URL creativity, and complete flexibility over:

• Unique page titles
• Meta tags
• Sitemaps
• Internal links
• 301 redirects
• Image and Alt tag control

I admit I am completely biased about this because I use this tool and work closely with them, but I implore you to check out Pixelsilk.  This is not just an SEO friendly CMS – it’s a full on SEO-enabled CMS; the first of its kind, I believe.

It’s everything a CMS should be, and any feedback that they’ve already received from top SEO’s is already being implemented.  To be fair, feel free to read up on other CMS’ at either www.cmsreview.com or www.cmsmatrix.org.  You may find Pixelsilk on these very soon as well.