Should Google Practice What They Preach?

By Scott Orth

The comparison chart at the bottom of this post was sent to me last week.  I thought it was quite funny… and true.  In the world of SEO, we really have a love/hate kind of relationship with Google.

The fact is that Google is the best search engine out there.  They drive the most traffic and, for most of our clients, bring the highest level of conversion.  Unfortunately Google is the most expensive to advertise with through Pay-per-Click, and often the most difficult to rank well with through organic SEO.

Then again, they provide tons of free tools, and a high-level of advice and assistance in all forms of online advertising.  As analytics go, Google offers the most comprehensive full-featured analytic tool available (free).

I say, take the good with the bad. With a company like Google, there’s always room for comedy, sarcasm, and a bit of satire.  So fellow SEO’s, blackhats, whitehats, whatever you call yourself… enjoy this little comparison of blackhat (some say evil) tactics – to those of the do-no-evil, all whitehat (clean and saintly) search engine…