Analytics for Pinterest Profiles are Here!


From Smart Solutions

Yesterday morning, we were excited to get an email announcing the analytics tool that we’ve been waiting for—Pinterest Web Analytics seem to have come along with the new Pinterest update.

This is a feature that business Pinterest users have been anticipating for some time, and the wait is finally over! We’ve started exploring through the data, and we’re pretty impressed with what they have to offer.

Analytics only go back until November of 2012, but from then on, you’ve got a pretty good list of how you’ve been performing on Pinterest. You can only view analytics if your site is verified through Pinterest.

Pinterest analytics give you four different categories—your basic site metrics, most recent pins, the most repined of pictures from your site, and the most clicked images to get back to your website. You can also export the data, through the button on the end.

Go exploring for yourself! Make sure your site is verified, and then click around through the analytics Pinterest offers and get familiarized with it. This is going to be a great tool as times goes on, so the time to understand it is now! If you’d like some help managing your business Pinterest account, contact us and we can put together a plan.