Enhanced Campaigns: New from Adwords

From Smart Solutions

You probably have heard that Google has upgraded AdWords by rolling out Enhanced Campaigns. The announcement is significant because all advertisers who currently use AdWords must transfer their campaigns to the new format by mid-2013. While advertisers have mixed feelings about the new format, there are definitely some pluses for multi-channel (online and offline) local businesses.  Before we share the two biggest pluses, let us first explain Google’s rationale for the change.

Google’s Rationale for New AdWords Campaign

Google Adwords LogoGoogle, in partnership with Nielsen, found that consumers are increasingly moving fluidly between devices throughout their day to search, shop and progress with buying decision. This new “constantly connected consumer” is bringing advertisers the opportunity to target them more relevantly based on added context, i.e., time of day, general location, and the type of device they are using. Each context signal, they believe, provides powerful insights into what a prospect might be looking for and where they are in the researching and buying cycle.

Now for the pluses for local businesses.

First: Chance to Geotarget Prospects nearest You

Potentially, you can improve your Adwords results by using a broad target location in unison with bid refinement in select areas. Before, you had to set up a new campaign for every location you wanted to bid differently on. Now, with enhanced campaigns, you can reach those most likely to stop-by, shop and buy from you by increasing or lowering bids based on a target location. The sample below shows an adjusted—and higher—bid for 2.0 miles around each location extension.

AdWords Geotargeting Example


Second: More Offline Purchases with Offer extensions

Timing is everything when it comes to an offer.  With new offer extensions, you can drive offline purchases and higher foot traffic with a redeemable offer shown on your search ads across devices. When a prospect clicks on your offer, they will see details including your company brand and your locations, plus how they can redeem the offer.

Sample AdWords Offer Extensions on Mobile AppAdWords Redeeming Offer Sample













Smart Solutions is helping businesses of all sizes embrace the new campaign format and evolve their marketing strategy to take advantage of the new Adwords campaign. We can help you too reach customers nearest you and drive more online/offline purchases. Contact us for more.