New Update For Pixelsilk CMS

The Fresh New Look for Pixelsilk Content Management System with the Green Lynx Update


Our good friends from Pixelsilk have recently launched the latest version of their CMS platform that allows developers to save time and manage web content faster than ever before. The Pixelsilk content management system allows users to work smarter, integrating web content across multiple platforms.

The Pixelsilk team is thrilled to offer a faster, easier-to-use Pixelsilk content management system. Their team of developers has been hard at work to release the latest admin update, called ‘Green Lynx’, to give Pixelsilk users what they deserve, a better update and experience to manage content on their website(s).

What’s Included:

Pixelsilk has listened to user’s requests to make items bigger, cleaner and easier within the content management system. This latest platform update does just that. The all-new platform update includes larger type, buttons, and simple sliders in addition to adjustments to best optimize the user interface. Pixelsilk’s goal for their clients is to enhance content management productivity within the full set of website components and content. They hope content developers agree the new Green Lynx release of Pixelsilk is a major step forward in improving the user’s experience in the Content Management System (CMS). If you manage website content with Pixelsilk, you will see the update integrated into your Pixelsilk content admin console.

These are the improvements have been integrated into the Pixelsilk platform:

  • Better color scheme and intuitive effects
  • Font size increase
  • Increased field sizes
  • Increased the size of all icons
  • Fresh new look for graphics
  • Checkboxes replaced with toggle switches
  • “Save”, “Cancel” and “Close” text buttons replaced with icons
  • Improved page rendering speed
  • Automatic increase in image resolution for Apple Retina displays


The Green Lynx Story

With the latest release of Pixelsilk, the developer team found their inspiration in nature. The Green Lynx spider is known for its lightning speed as it pounces on its prey after running and jumping from branch to branch with ease. Similarly, the new release of the Pixelsilk content management platform provides users with the ability to rapidly jump from page to page while making changes and viewing the results with the improved user interface. One of the best features of Pixelsilk is how the website pages and controls are laid out within the content management system. The new Green Lynx release makes Pixelsilk content management even easier to use, giving users an even better tool for focusing on being creative instead of using precious time to learn how to use a content management system.


Thank You from Pixelsilk

Pixelsilk thinks you’ll enjoy the improvements they’ve made in their Green Lynx update. Like the spider, you should find yourself getting around Pixelsilk a little faster and easier, making changes even better. They hope that you’ll enjoy their latest release of Pixelsilk and they’d love to hear from you.


Looking for Multisite CMS?

Pixelsilk has been the content management system of choice by many forward-thinking web developers. Now with the new update, Pixelsilk is all the more invaluable to web developer managing multiple websites.  Smartz is a proud partner of Pixelsilk CMS, we have built countless cutting edge websites that are both easy to navigate and integrate while being SEO-friendly. Take a look at what we’ve done with Pixelsilk or contact our web team to find out more about Pixelsilk.