Wanelo Marketing

From Smart Solutions

We, as business owners and marketing teams, are always looking for new ways to market our products and services. Whether it’s starting a Pinterest account or putting up flyers all over town—we understand the value of widening marketing avenues and we want to get our products into the right hands. Wanelo is one new and interesting way for ecommerce websites to grow their followings.

Marketing on Wanelo

What is Wanelo?

Wanelo started in 2010, and has had a steady growth since their initial launch. Wanelo functions as an online shopping site—aggregating and pulling in great content from a variety of different online stores—everything from jewelry to bedding to posters is featured on the site, and many of the top online shops around the country have a presence there.

Wanelo vs. Pinterest

Wanelo vs. Pinterest

An initial look at Wanelo will remind many people of Pinterest. Wanelo operates off of the same “visual social network” idea, but it caters to a different group of people: it caters to consumers with actual buyer intent. While Pinterest contains infographics and DIY projects and travel destinations—Wanelo is strictly online shopping.

When your potential customers are browsing Pinterest, they could be looking at or for any number of things—when they’re on Wanelo, they’re ready to shop.

Is Wanelo Right for my Business?

Wanelo marketing is currently only relevant for companies that have online stores. Makeup brands, swimsuit manufacturers and scrapbook craft providers are all companies that could benefit from a presence on Wanelo. Posting your products on Wanelo and interacting with other users is a great way to get your name and your products out there.

The target audience for Wanelo is women, and the majority of their followers are girls from between their teen years and their thirties. If your business’s target audience is the same, there is no excuse to hold back! Create a Wanelo store account, and start posting your products! Be sure to be social (it IS a social network, after all), post other things and be interesting—make your profile stand out!

Wanelo offers some great tips for store owners on their website, and if you’re interested in setting up a social media plan with Smart Solutions, we’d love to help you figure Wanelo out! Give us a call or contact our web marketing team to set up a meeting.