Facebook Fan Pages vs. Group Pages

Facebook says, “Facebook created Pages when we noticed that people were trying to connect with brands and famous artists in ways that didn’t quite work on Facebook… Not only can you connect with your favorite artists and businesses, but now you also can show your friends what you care about and recommend by adding Pages to your personal profile.”

This allows you to become a fan of a product, famous person, company, public figure, movie, etc.  Once you like one of these types of pages, a newsfeed goes out to all of your friends that you “Like” or support this person, brand, idea.

Now what is the difference between all of these pages and when should you use one versus the other?

Fan Pages

Fan pages are very similar to normal profiles on a site.  A brand, concept, celebrity, or public figure can have friends, upload pictures, and allow friends to make posts on the wall of this fan page.  If the fan page has allowed updates to show, then they page will communicate to all the other pages that “like” this page as well.  Fan pages can also have applications.


Groups have an administrator that can appoint “officers” within that group to have restricted admin rights.  Administrators can manage the group, posts, approve applicants, or invite others to join.  Group pages can be open to all of Facebook or just a particular network of people.  You can set join permissions which will allow it to be open to anyone, closed (users must be approved), or by secret invite only.  Administrators can invite members to join via Facebook email or regular email.

Should I Pick a Fan Page or Group Page?

There are many factors to consider when trying deciding which one to choose.

  • Because of security features and size, only groups under 5000 members can send email blasts.
  • Groups are an extension of your personal page, so when you make posts, they are shown as your personal page information
  • Activities on the Group Page will reflect on you personally
  • Fan Pages can create content that come from the pages itself
  • Fan Pages are indexed by external search engines, groups are not
  • Groups offer more control over who gets to participate, settings, and approvals
  • Fan Pages can host applications, groups cannot.
  • Both Groups and Fan Pages allow you to create related events.
  • Ads can be purchased to promote both groups and fan pages.

3 responses to “Facebook Fan Pages vs. Group Pages”

  1. Ana Lucia Novak writes:

    The comparison chart is quite helpful especially for training purposes! Thank you !

  2. Lori writes:

    Which is best if we want readers to post their own comments and to have them show up on other reader’s personal FB pages. This would be for a quilt guild to build community discussions.

  3. Smart Solutions writes:

    Hi Lori,

    If you’re looking to expand your quilt group more, than the Fan Page is usually the best choice. If you’re looking to build community, like you said, than we would suggest using the Group Pages. Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions about social media marketing!

    Thanks for reading,
    Smart Solutions