Google Panda Details – Learn About the Google Panda Updates

Websites in every industry are affected by Google Panda—sometimes soaring and sometimes sinking in ranking because of algorithm changes. But for people who aren’t involved in web development or Internet marketing, these Google Panda updates tend to remain a mystery.

Google Panda ImageWhat is Google Panda?

Google uses an algorithm that helps sort its index, so that users see only the most relevant websites. While this algorithm is updated on a consistent update, there are often larger-scale updates that Google will announce, so that webmasters will be prepared for what will happen as a result. Google Panda was one of those circumstances.

Google Panda in its original form was an update that would increase the visibility and ranking of high-quality websites, and lower the ranking on content farms and low-quality sites. It should be noted that the Google Panda updates are simply an improvement, which affected about 12% of US queries. That number has gone up since the original Google Panda update, of course.

Google Panda Update Issues

Since its first launch in early 2011, Google Panda has had ten total algorithm updates, according to Search Engine Land. Each one has improved Google’s site index, although many quality websites have been penalized in the process. Why were these websites penalized? Because Google’s algorithm isn’t perfect. There will continue to be Google Panda updates in the future, and each one will improve the index.

There’s no reason to be afraid that Google will penalize your site through a future Google Panda update—as long as you keep your website high-quality. Don’t copy content from other websites, and keep your website regularly updated and user-friendly. you shouldn’t have any problems with Google Panda updates if you follow those simple rules.

Why the name “Google Panda”?

Lastly, while bloggers across the Internet have been able to create fun graphics with pandas in them—why would Google choose “Panda” as the code name for their algorithm update? Apparently, it was named after an engineer at Google who was key in getting the update started.

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