Reduce Bounce Rates with Website Heatmaps

Oftentimes, business owners are puzzled by high bounce rates on their websites. Despite quality products and relevant information, their bounce rates are often very high—a large amount of visitors are leaving the site quickly after just arriving.

This problem can be remedied with a heatmap tool. The tool is based on an algorithm that predicts what a human eye looks at first on a website. The algorithm predicts eye movements across the screen based on normal human eye actions. Because a visitor determines what’s important and whether they should stay in the first five seconds after visiting a site, this heatmap tool is proving invaluable.

Two Website Heatmap Examples

Below is an example of a heatmap evaluation that we did before redesigning our website. Although the old design worked well in the past, the Internet and its users have changed, and our design became ineffective. People simply weren’t stopping to read our information anymore.

An example of a heatmap done for our old website

Our new website design has created a much better pattern, according to our eye tracking software. People take the time to read our text, and then look at (and hopefully click) our “Get Started Today” button.

An example of a website heatmap

With the heatmap system we use, hotspots are numbered from 1 to 16, with “1” being the most visually important part of the page. The hotspots are then tracked with a yellow line, and the importance of each particular hotspot is gauged by the color. “Orange” is a focused area while “green” is an area that will most likely catch only a glance.

The ideal number of hotspots for a homepage—or main campaign landing page—is 2 to 4, so its priority is clear for the visitor. When there are too many hotspots or when a page is too busy, major calls-to- action are not obvious, causing visitor confusion and higher bounce rates.

Would you like a Heatmap of Your Website?

Whether you’re looking for a new website design or a way to reduce your bounce rate, Smart Solutions can do a heatmap evaluation that will prove useful for your business. You can contact the web marketing team for more information.

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