What to do with Google Algorithm Changes

The usual route that webmasters take for handling Google algorithm changes is to freak out every time Google announces one, and run scrambling to figure out how your website can benefit from (or at least not be ruined by) it. Surprisingly enough, there IS another option—one that involves a lot less stress and pulling out of hair. It’s revolutionary and controversial, but here it is:

Make a good website.

We know, it’s a little crazy, but here’s the thing—Google just wants to know that your site isn’t full of spam. They want to know that your site is well designed, user-friendly, easy to navigate and provides quality content.

This is what Google is trying to move toward—an index of better websites than they have now. The best way to get ranking well is to make a better website. The list of qualities we listed above is important to have in mind when you’re building a site and when you’re updating it. We expand each quality below:

A Well Designed Website

Google’s spiders won’t see your design the way that a website visitor will, but they do see the HTML—how clean it is, how orderly it is, and how up to date it is with new trends in web development and programming.

User Friendly and Easy to Navigate

Google can judge how user friendly your site is by bounce rates, as well as how your site is set up on the back end. Don’t hide or orphan pages, and make it easy to get from one page to another.

Provide Quality Content

Stop spinning articles and write good copy that relates to your industry. Continue to update it as it needs to be updated, and add more content as necessary. Keep searchers in mind as you write, and incorporate keywords that are applicable.

Make a good website—it’s as simple as that. Keep an eye on Google algorithm changes, but know that if you’re making a website that incorporates these qualities, Google would be hard-pressed to find a reason to drop your site in their next algorithm update.

Do you have more questions about how to make a great website? Contact our web development team to learn more.